Welcome to Mapet International Foundation.

We are a nonprofit organization committed to  fight against poverty, providing a new opportunity for a decent life and a better future for children, mothers and families around the world.

We work without intermediaries, we want to offer a real opportunity for those waiting without even asking for anything, without even having voice, we are personally committed to working in the field, we believe in the value of personal involvement in solving problems when aid is delivered personally.

In MAPET know the world has enough resources to alleviate poverty of children and families around the world, however we need your hands to make this happen, we need your personal involvement in our projects, not only with money you can help, sometimes money is not exactly the solution to be able to bring help, It is simply your selfless collaboration, which makes possible a better world for everyone in memory of one.

  We are all here because. . . We Believe. . . That poverty is intolerable in a world of plenty. And we are here because we believe – rather know – we can end poverty in the space of our lives, with our own hands and our own minds.
Kofi Annan United Nations

Data about poverty on 2015.

  • Over the first 15 years of the new millennium, poverty has not stopped growing around the world.

The data about poverty in the world are indeed alarming in these first 15 years, according to the data of the united nations it is estimated that the total number of people living on less than a dollar a day is one thousand three hundred million.(2,800,000,000) (*1 & 1.1)

  • It is estimated that at least 849 million people around the world are undernourished of which 99 million are children under 5 years.

Although 70% (*2)  of the poor live in rural areas, undernourishment and hunger is increasing due to land degradation and lack of clean water prevents produce enough food.

  •  At least six million children died in 2012 by direct causes of poverty.

According to data collected by the United Nations about child mortality (*3), the main cause of death in children is due to preventable diseases.

  • Clean water is one of the most serious problems of the world.

At least one billion people around the world have no access to clean water, one of the main causes of diseases.

Resource Guide

(*1) :   United Nations about ERADICATE EXTREME POVERTY & HUNGER

(*1.1)United Nations Development Programme

(*2) :   World Bank about Agriculture & Rural Development

(*3) : United Nations about child mortality